PERQUE Joint Guard™

PERQUE Joint Guard™

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Result: More complete joint health that restores, renews, and maintains joint tissue within weeks rather than many months.

Benefit: Alleviates pain and inflammation, enhances repair of joint tissue health, and improves mobility.

Fact: Patented formula with synergistic ingredients designed to rebuild joint tissue and build type II collagen for quicker relief.

Patent numbers: 6,620,798 4,698,360

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Magnesium (C16, C18 alkyls) from whole untreated palm fruit 6 mg.
Molybdenum (glycinate) 52 mcg.
Probiotics 300 mg.
Bifidobacterium bifidum R0071 900 mg.
Herbs 351 mg.
OPC (proanthocyanidins) (soluble LMW Activin 1294) 45mg.
Chondroitin sulfate 225 mg.
Glucosamine Sulfate HCl 900 mg.
Glucosamine KCl 300 mg.
Molybdenum (glycinate) 52.5 mcg.