PERQUE Detox IN Guard™

PERQUE Detox IN Guard™

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Result: Boosts liver to remove toxic matter.

Benefit: Restores immune function – essential for health.

Fact: Unique nutrient synergy that reduces hormone disrupters & makes toxins easier and safer to remove.

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Full PERQUE Detox Protocol

Vitamin C (100% l-ascorbate, fully reduced, corn-free ) 64 mg.
Ascorbryl palmitate 150 mg.
Calcium (citrate, fumarate,malate, succinate) 100 mg.
Magnesium (citrate, fumarate,malate, succinate, aspartate, C16 C18 alkyls) 200 mg.
Choline Citrate 70 mg.
Inositol (pure crystalline) 250 mg.
Citrate 144 mg.
Fumarate 144 mg.
Malate 144 mg.
Succinate 144 mg.
L-Aspartic acid (magnesium aspartate) 26 mg.
L-cysteine HCl 150 mg.
L-cystine 100 mg.
Glutathione, 99+% reduced (L-glutathione) 25 mg.
Glycine 250 mg.
L-methionine (free) 150 mg.
L-phenylalanine 100 mg.